Wrath of Wind

About the Book

So far, my life at the academy has been anything but boring.

I have four boyfriends. Four OMG hawt guys all hot for me. I just want to point that out. Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming…

My webcomic is flourishing now that I’ve been outed as the artist. And the fact it’s based on the world I’d saved. And the fact the baddie in the webcomic was literally based on the real-life grand poohbah of dark elementals.

After the ultimate evil bad tried to erase my existence last year—and didn’t succeed, so go me—I thought I’d fulfilled the prophecy by protecting my world. I was wrong. Turns out, there are a whole lot of evil bads out there, and they’re all gunning for me.

None more so than my devilishly handsome trainer—who’s teaching me all sorts of terrifying things I didn’t want to know. Especially when he tries to turn the academy against me.

I’m going to have to go out of my way to disappoint him.

It’s a new year at Clearwater Academy…and it’s time to choose your side.

Wrath of Wind is book two in a four-book, university-age paranormal academy series. In this why choose story, there’s more snark from our heroine, more steam and closer encounters from the four hawt guys that partner with her, and an even more evil bad willing to do whatever it takes to bring her down.

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