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From the USA Today bestselling author of the TREX series, Allie K. Adams brings you another exciting episode of the Roadhouse. 

THE ROADHOUSE #2 – MASTERS’ ROADHOUSE, PART 2: Caleb struggles with control over Trent and Skye. Until they submit to him completely, they aren’t ready for the Roadhouse. Try convincing Skye of that. She sneaks off to the Roadhouse without her sponsor and gets them all in trouble. If it’s the last thing he does, he’ll teach her control—as soon as he finds a way to keep her from destroying his.

Obey is a four-letter word to Skye. The fact Caleb expects it of her makes her want to defy him even more. He may be powerful and in charge at the Roadhouse, but in her house, he’s her equal—if only she could convince herself of that and stop giving in to his every demand. Riding double while maintaining control is harder than she thought.

Trent was afraid of this. Caleb and Skye are both fighting for control over the relationship, and he’s stuck in the middle. The only way the three of them will survive this arrangement is if he set a few rules of his own—rules that include extreme measures that may destroy them all.

This is part two of the two-part story of Caleb Olson, Skye Masters, and Trent Harris. Read the exciting introduction of their happily ever after in RIDING LESSONS before reading this next installment.

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