Rescue Me

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Deadly secrets…

Ex-lovers turned rivals, Search & Rescue Coordinator Kat Doyle and TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen are forced to work together on a search as a matter of national security. Being in close proximity brings back emotions they’d long since buried, especially when Kat discovers Spence is still keeping secrets as part of his job. But, after the mission draws to a close, they can no longer fight the attraction. One touch detonates the inferno burning between them as they give into the passion threatening both their control.

Mounting danger…

Despite knowing he can’t be the fairytale hero Kat wants, Spence makes promises he can’t keep while harboring secrets that may ultimately destroy her. Kat refuses to fall back into the role of a pawn in TREX’s web of lies and deceit. She walks away from the only man she’s ever loved in the hopes he’ll come after her–this time.

When Kat’s life is threatened, Spencer vows to protect her at any cost. He’s willing to do anything to ensure her safety–even if it means putting his own life on the line. Will rescuing Kat be Spencer’s final mission?

Ignoring your instincts could prove fatal.

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