Reluctant Hero

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Meet the next generation of TREX. These rookies bring fresh perspective to the covert agency—like how there’s more to life than the job.

To complete his transformation from zero to hero, he’ll need a little hands-on training.

Harold Ryan is the king of the nerds. He can’t even talk to a girl without stuttering like a damn fool—especially not to the sexy redhead he’s been in love with since freshmen year. He’ll do anything for the chance to be with her, including agree to a crazy plan to turn him into a total player. It doesn’t help that the seasoned TREX agents keep offering him advice on how to get the girl.

Emma Rae has a type—guys she feels need to be fixed. With a little grooming, Ryan could be the ultimate lady’s man, and she’s just the one to make it happen. In return for transforming him from zero to hero, he’ll take her to the epic, invitation only, party of the year.

After Ryan’s new look is perfected, the real work begins—making him believe he’s a lady’s man. Emma teaches him how to flirt, how to kiss, and how to drive a girl wild with his touch. With TREX’s help, he turns the table and teaches her a few things. It doesn’t take long for them to realize you can’t be friends with benefits without feelings getting in the way.

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