Fury of Earth

About the Book

They thought they could silence me. They thought wrong.

I’m the protector of my academy and the world of elementals. Together with my quad squad, I’ll do anything to save them all. So of course, I get pegged as a threat to society by the Council AND SENT TO PRISON. Because that makes sense when the biggest threat we’ve ever faced is bearing down.

But piss off a ginger at your own cost.

Now I’m pulling out all the stops. Recruiting everyone I can find—elementals, legends, witches, alchemists, even seers—and I’m taking the battle back to the academy. If the Council wants a fight—they’ll get one.

It’s time to decide whether being the prophecy means I’m the one destined for supremacy…or the one about to make the ultimate sacrifice to save my world.

It’s the end of an era at Clearwater Academy…and this time, it’s win or die.

Fury of Earth is book four and the final book in the university-age paranormal academy series. In this why choose story, our snarky heroine faces the ultimate sacrifice, the guys hold NOTHING back, and the evil bad is someone we never saw coming.


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