First Response

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She’s totally off limits…but not tonight.

TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen has everything he wants: a new ops team under his command, the mission of his career about to deploy–and a woman in his arms who’s got him so jacked, he’s willing to break all the rules.

He’s the one man who can destroy everything.

CEO Kathryn Doyle isn’t stupid enough to hook up with the most arrogant, outrageous, mouthwateringly gorgeous operative of the men-in-black agency that’s her Search and Rescue company’s number one client. Well, she’s not stupid enough to do it twice, anyway. That means their hot, dirty, heart-pounding one-night stand needs to remain their little secret. Her career–and his–depend on it.

Only sometimes, the dirtiest secrets just won’t stay in the shadows…

This is an exciting prequel novella to the TREX series.

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