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Rescue Me

Deadly secrets… Ex-lovers turned rivals, Search & Rescue Coordinator Kat Doyle and TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen are forced to work together on a search as a matter of national security. Being in close proximity brings back emotions they’d long since buried, especially when Kat discovers Spence is still keeping secrets as part of his […]

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At Any Cost

They trust no one… TREX Special Agent Dan Weber gave up his director position to take the lead role on the team assigned to protect the greatest biological weapon ever created. Now it’s disappeared. It’s up to Dan to hunt down the double agent suspected of stealing the weapon and threatening to unleash it on […]

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No Way Out

This TREX agent doesn’t mess around… It’s a year before At Any Cost. TREX Agent Steve Gessler is in Tahiti to take out a terrorist before the madman can strike. Steve never expected there to be a second hitter–or for that hitter to be a sexy-as-sin woman who captures his heart. This is a special […]

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Seek and Destroy

He’s her mark… After being badly injured on a mission, TREX Agent David Snyder leaves the agency and disappears off the grid. Even when Charis McKoy, the brainy, mouthwatering intel agent who nursed him back to health after that mission, tracks him to Hawaii, she can’t convince him to return. Instead of leaving Hawaii empty-handed, […]

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Under the Covers

Her desperation will drive her into both their arms.  Desperate to find her missing sister, Mia Andrews follows her trail to an underground ring where women are sold off every night. Under the cover of a courtesan, the only way to find her sister is to go in with no holds barred. Undercover TREX Agent […]

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Out of Time

When you’re out of time, you make mistakes.  When TREX Agent Chris McKoy watched his future walk away, he never expected to find her five years later on the wrong side of a deadly mission where nothing is as it seems. Instead of convincing her to turn herself in, he takes it too far and […]

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It Takes Two

3 friends…  A near-fatal attack left TREX Agent Jeremy Bowman permanently scarred—both physically and emotionally. His brother Jason is worried he won’t be able to bring him back from the shell of a man he’s become, so he enlists the help of Jeremy’s best friend, Breanne Harrington. Granted, they haven’t seen each other in ten […]

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Merry TREXmas

Christmas turns to chaos when the senior agents of TREX get together in Seattle for the holidays. What’s a forced reunion without a little laughter, a few tears, and a couple fistfights? After too many hours under the same roof, too many alphas, and too little patience, tempers snap. The agents are out of their […]

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Girls On Film

The photo shoot of a lifetime… One week after the apparent suicide of a model with the famous Miles Anthony Studio, another body is found inside the studio, this one a woman carefully posed in front of a camera. The discovery of this body leads the SBI to believe the first death wasn’t a suicide […]

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First Response

She’s totally off limits…but not tonight. TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen has everything he wants: a new ops team under his command, the mission of his career about to deploy–and a woman in his arms who’s got him so jacked, he’s willing to break all the rules. He’s the one man who can destroy everything. […]

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