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Spark of Fire

I draw kickass superheroes. I never thought I was one. To me, the stories that unfolded on the pages of my webcomic have always been way more awesome than real life—right up until the day an evil bad Assassin’s Creed cosplay dude showed up and tried to erase my existence. I fought back—and caught on […]

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Wrath of Wind

So far, my life at the academy has been anything but boring. I have four boyfriends. Four OMG hawt guys all hot for me. I just want to point that out. Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming… My webcomic is flourishing now that I’ve been outed as the artist. And the fact it’s based on […]

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Rage of Storms

I’m not evil, I’m just drawn that way….and Clearwater needs me to tap into my darkness to save the academy. So, this school year so far…kind of sucks. One of my guys graduates a week into the term, another transforms into something none of us could have possibly imagined, and the other two can’t stop […]

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Fury of Earth

They thought they could silence me. They thought wrong. I’m the protector of my academy and the world of elementals. Together with my quad squad, I’ll do anything to save them all. So of course, I get pegged as a threat to society by the Council AND SENT TO PRISON. Because that makes sense when […]

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