The Unstoppable Sammy K

She thinks “likes” and “shares” are all that matter. I prefer an offline world. When we get stranded together, the storm brewing outside isn’t the only one we’ll need to weather.


I’m unstoppable. It’s how I became Sammy K, famous social media influencer and queen of hashtags and filters. I’m always camera-ready and am “on” 24/7. It’ll take a hurricane to slow me down—that, or no cell service. As long as I have an internet connection, there’s no stopping me.

And then…that’s exactly what happens. A powerful storm floods the streets and forces me to take shelter with a man who hates me—billionaire Flynn Driver, owner of Driver Transport. We used to be friends, or so I thought. But then he ghosted me and still won’t tell me why.

Now we’re stuck with nothing to keep us occupied but each other. Maybe I can get him to tell me why he hates me. Maybe I can fix it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll become friends again. Or more…

If we don’t kill each other first.


Lights? Camera? Action? No thank you. I prefer real life over watching some influencer blast her every thought on social media and pretend to be someone she’s not. It’s all an act, completely fake, and I don’t do fake—especially when I know the real person behind the Sammy K persona.

We used to be friends, or so I thought. All that changed when her influence singlehandedly destroyed my biggest passion project. I vowed never to deal with her again…and then she jumps into my car by mistake.

By the time I realize who it is, it’s too late. The storm has closed all the roads, so I take us to my cabin to safely wait it out. Not to forgive her. Not to become friends with her.

And definitely not to fall in love with her.

Author’s Note: The Unstoppable Sammy K is the hysterical second book in the Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers series. If you like a beastly hero with a heart of gold, a determined heroine refusing to back down from a challenge, and a frenemies-to-lovers romance, you’ll love this sidesplitting romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams, writing as Belle Adams.