The Unbreakable Ginny Rae

We’re holidates. No strings. No commitments. When she asks me to take her on an adventure of a lifetime, who am I to say no?


I’m unbreakable. No overbearing father, or his shady associate, or even my two best friends with a basement as a backup plan will hold me back from achieving my dream of becoming a professional treasure hunter.

I steal an ancient map from my late mother’s collection and bring it to the one man I didn’t expect to see outside of our casual arrangement. Yet, here I am, map in hand, staring into the blue eyes of Alex Driver, the billionaire professional treasure hunter and my occasional friend with benefits.

Together we embark on the crazy misadventure of a lifetime traversing the desert, following clues that lead us into a jungle, and avoiding booby traps as we get closer to where X marks the spot. This treasure is ours to find…

So long as my father and his shady associate doesn’t figure out I stole the map and find us first.


Why do I always want what I can’t have? Or shouldn’t, at the very least. Ginny is best friends with both my brothers’ wives. Nothing good can possibly come from getting mixed up in that trio of crazy—and yet, when it comes to a certain feisty redhead, I can’t help myself.

We have a deal: strictly plus ones, no strings attached, and no contact outside of that. When Ginny brings me an ancient map and asks me to follow it to the hidden treasure, I don’t know if I’m more intrigued by the map’s authenticity…or the fact she insists on going on the wild ride with me—and it’s bound to be a bumpy one.

Step one: get lost—check. Step two: test the hammock’s durability—definitely check. Twice. Step three: find the treasure while avoiding her father’s wrath—check, sort of. But above all, follow the one cardinal rule: do not fall in love…

And we have a runner.

Author’s Note: The Unbreakable Ginny Rae is the humorous third and final book in the Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers series. If you like a risk-taking hero with a devil-may-care attitude, a sassy heroine ready to shake things up, and a blossoming friends-with-benefits romance, you’ll love this adventurous romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams, writing as Belle Adams.