Under the Covers

Her desperation will drive her into both their arms. Her pleasure will drive them all to the boiling point. In a world where lies keep you alive and one misstep can be deadly, will they stay ahead of the game? Or will they be the first pieces to fall?

Determined paralegal Mia Andrews is on a relentless quest to find her missing sister. The trail leads her to the sinister underbelly of an underground sex ring, where women are sold off like commodities every night. Fueled by desperation, Mia knows she must go undercover as a courtesan, throwing caution to the wind and plunging headfirst into a world with no rules.

SBI Special Agent Wayde Davis, working undercover in Seattle’s club scene, has been tirelessly investigating the string of missing women. When he spots Mia, he recognizes her instantly—a familiar face from their past collaboration on cases. Now, to maintain their covers, Wayde must bid on Mia during the auction, fully aware that she not only fits the profile of the missing women but could also be the next target.

Painfully shy, high roller James Pearce wants Mia as his permanent courtesan. His unique fetish requires the help of another man, one so taken with Mia he’s willing to do anything to stay by her side—even share her. As Wayde and Mia join forces to track down the mastermind behind the human trafficking ring, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of deceit and seduction, posing as a courtesan and her lover in every sense of the word.

But as Wayde and Mia delve deeper into the investigation, they discover that James is more than what he seems—a connection that could shatter everything they thought they knew.

In this gripping and highly suspenseful romantic thriller, passion collides with danger, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The clock is ticking, and every decision could mean the difference between victory and death.

Will they triumph over darkness and secure their happily ever after… or will their journey end in unspeakable tragedy?

Under the Covers is the deeply intense fifth book in the TREX romantic suspense series. If you like dark, edgy passion, danger lurking in every shadow, and secrets revealed through betrayal, then you’ll devour this no-holds-barred adventure by USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams.

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Although TREX is a complete series of eight full-length novels and two novellas, each book can be read as standalone titles. With heart-racing, thrilling plots and always a happily ever after, the TREX series does contain some strong language and steamy scenes… Enter at your own risk!