Now Way Out

This TREX agent doesn’t mess around…

It’s a year before AT ANY COST. TREX Special Agent Steve Gessler is in Tahiti to take out a terrorist before the madman can strike. Steve never expected there to be a second hitter—or for that hitter to be a sexy-as-sin woman who captures his heart.

After Jo McClure suffered a tremendous loss that still has her fighting the nightmares, she follows the monster responsible for her personal Hell to Tahiti to repay the favor—and discovers an assassin is already there to do the job. One misstep puts them both in the crosshairs.

Can they stop the madman before he attacks?

NOTE: This bonus read is a special edition TREX Brief novella to give readers a glimpse into the mind and life of a fallen TREX agent and may be a trigger for some readers.

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