It Takes Two

3 friends…

A near-fatal attack left TREX Agent Jeremy Bowman permanently scarred—both physically and emotionally. His brother Jason is worried he won’t be able to bring him back from the shell of a man he’s become, so he enlists the help of Jeremy’s best friend, Breanne Harrington. Granted, they haven’t seen each other in ten years, but a bond like theirs never fades. It will take both Bree and Jason to rescue Jeremy from the darkness slowly consuming him. A chance reunion brings the three together again—courtesy of TREX uncovering a deadly plot involving a contract killer, a million dollars, and Bree’s life.

2 lovers…

The twins share more than good looks—as Bree soon discovers. They seduce her and take her to new heights as together the three slowly peel away the layers Jeremy hides behind. As the threats close in, it’s up to the twin TREX agents to keep the beautiful, determined woman out of danger.

1 chance…

Bree has never stopped loving Jeremy. Walking away all those years ago nearly destroyed her. Seeing him so tormented, she can’t walk away this time. He needs her now more than ever—they both do. And she needs them. It’s her chance to make up for the past ten years. It could be her salvation… or ultimately destroy them all.

When one isn’t enough.

It Takes Two brothers to keep Bree safe.

It Takes Two to make Jeremy whole again.

It Takes Two confronting their past before they can have a future together… if they make it out of this alive.