The Heat is On

How do you convince the uptight girl next door to have a little fun? You apply a little heat.

She has a plan for everything.

Kayla Riggs is a planner. Her goals in life are simple: graduate college, find the dream job, and settle into her happily ever after. There’s no room in her plan for the hot fireman next door she can’t seem to get out of her head—or heart. When a fire condemns their building, she’s forced into cohabitation with the one guy she’s actively avoided since they hooked up.

Except when it comes to him.

Jake Swanson is about to have it all. His dream job as a fireman with the Bainbridge Island Fire Department. A field agent with TREX on top of that. He just needs to pass all his tests and graduate. The last thing he needs are any distractions, especially in the form of his uptight, too-many-rules neighbor with the pretty smile. Having her live next door drives him crazy, and not always in the wrong way. Sharing an address with her and keeping it platonic is going to be the hardest test of all. They’ll either end up hating each other or falling in love. There is no other option.

Add the stress of the field assignment TREX just handed him—along with a partner who hates him—and Jake’s close to stroking out. During one of the missions, he gets too close to the target and ends up being a target himself. Now he has to track down who it is following him without them knowing, all while keeping Kayla from ending up in the crosshairs.

It’ll be the most challenging task of all.

Author’s Note: You may recognize the names and even some of the crazy situations the characters get themselves into in this story. Jake and Kayla are the stars in the romantic comedy Hiring the Player—an abridged version of this story without the sassy suspense (or as I like to call it sasspense – Allie’ism!). The Heat Is On is the unabridged version, the full romantic comedy with light sasspense.