Master's Roadhouse Part 1 (Episode 1): Riding Lessons

From the USA Today bestselling author of the TREX series, Allie K. Adams introduces you to the Roadhouse. Be ready to set your e-readers on fire.

The Roadhouse is an invitation only mobile club where the spicier side of life is both practiced and embraced. Members take turns hosting it for the weekend. When the opportunity presents itself to create a permanent home, Caleb Olson jumps at the chance, offering up the barn on the ranch he works at in return for a cut of the membership fees.

Skye Masters loves life on the edge. The thrill. The excitement. She’s willing to do anything to feel that adrenaline rush, including agree to Caleb’s crazy idea of housing a club in her family’s barn, so long as she gets invited in. Her father left her the ranch and all the debt that came with it. Handing over the barn to the Roadhouse will give her enough to keep the ranch. It also feeds her desire to experience the darker edge of a lifestyle she’s only dreamed about, starting with her first ménage riding lesson.

Trent Harris has loved Skye since they were kids and wishes he were enough to keep her satisfied. Caleb is his best friend and offers to sponsor them at the Roadhouse in exchange for their submission. Although hesitant at first, Trent soon discovers a whole new world where pleasure isn’t the only thing drawing members in. Montana summers have never burned so hot.

This is part one of the two-part story of Caleb Olson, Skye Masters, and Trent Harris. Read the exciting conclusion of their happily ever after in RIDING DOUBLE after reading this introduction installment.

“If you are looking for nonstop, heart-racing action and sizzling romance, look no further. Allie K. Adams will take you there—and more!” —Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author

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