Henry's Roadhouse Part 1 (Episode 3): Riding Cowboys

Coming Spring...

From the USA Today bestselling author of the TREX series, Allie K. Adams introduces you to the Roadhouse. Be ready to set your e-readers on fire.

Cole and Jesse Henry have been members of the Roadhouse for a few years, both eagerly taking part in everything the club has to offer. When Cole picks up a woman stranded on the side of the road, brings her home and introduces her to his brother, the three of them enjoy the weekend of their lives.

Leah Davis has never met a real cowboy, let alone two. Let alone slept with them both at the same time! There’s something about riding cowboys that has her questioning whether to leave at the end of the weekend. When they take her to the Roadhouse, she discovers how country boys survive. No wonder Montana summers burn so hot.

“If you are looking for nonstop, heart-racing action and sizzling romance, look no further. Allie K. Adams will take you there—and more!” —Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author

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