Seek & Destroy

He’s her mark…

After being badly injured on a mission, TREX Agent David Snyder leaves the agency and disappears off the grid. Even when Charis McKoy, the brainy, mouthwatering intel agent who nursed him back to health after that mission tracks him to Hawaii, she can’t get him to return.

Instead of leaving Hawaii empty-handed, she convinces him to spend the night with her and give her a night she’ll never forget. He may be part of the all-brawn-no-brains spec ops division she despises, but he’s also been the object of her obsession for over a year. No use wasting a perfect opportunity to check something off her bucket list, especially when that something is a man more flawlessly chiseled than the statue bearing his name.

She’s his weakness…

Charis’s power of persuasion is very…persuading. After an unforgettable night tangled in each other arms, David follows her back to Seattle, to TREX’s HQ, where the agency pairs them together to seek out and retrieve a cyber-terrorist threatening to destroy the nation’s IT infrastructure. Both agents have a close, personal tie to the mission, one that could bring them closer—or tear them apart. Charis is the best hacker in her field and the only one who can find their target. David is there to protect her at any cost. Their mission is stopping the threat. Not to get lost in each other. Not to fall in love. But, as he’s already learned…her power of persuasion is very persuading. And she’s not about to let him forget it.

When they uncover the deadly connection to the terrorist’s targets—that he’s been carrying out acts of cyber-terrorism as a display of his devotion to the very agent hunting him—the tables turn. Racing to stay one step ahead and stop him before he strikes again, the TREX agents enter into a dangerous game where one mistake could be the difference between success and death.

In this dangerous game of cat and mouse, the hunter becomes the hunted.

“If you are looking for nonstop, heart-racing action and sizzling romance, look no further. Allie K. Adams will take you there—and more!” —Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author