First Response

He’s dedicated to the mission. She’s a powerful CEO. When their sizzling attraction breaks all the rules, will they survive the fiery fallout?

TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen proudly carries on his family’s tradition of service. Putting his loyalty to his country above any thought of a long-term connection, he knows a field agent’s life could be forfeit at any moment. But when he meets a stunning off-limits contractor the day before he ships out on an extraction op, a planned quiet evening turns into a wild explosion of forbidden passion.

With lives on the line, Search and Rescue Incident Commander Kat Doyle runs a tight ship. Yet she isn’t above a bruised ego when a blind date stands her up, so she happily indulges in a little fun banter with a hotter-than-hot operative. And on recognizing their outrageously scorching chemistry, her desire quickly boils from a feverishly illicit one-night stand into a smoldering affair.

Career in danger, Spencer persuades his superiors to look the other way and ignore his obvious intimacy with Kat—only to realize his actions may be placing her life in the crosshairs. And now Kat’s determination to dive in and stop a human trafficker lands them on the front lines, even as the brutal reality of Spencer’s job has her second-guessing their relationship.

Can they bring down their target without sending their future up in flames?

First Response is the blistering first book in the TREX romantic suspense series. If you like intense heroes, full-on steam, and pulse-pounding action, you’ll adore this locked and loaded tale by USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams.

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Although TREX is a complete series of eight full-length novels and two novellas, each book can be read as standalone titles. With heart-racing, thrilling plots and always a happily ever after, the TREX series does contain some strong language and steamy scenes… Enter at your own risk!