Tactical Retrieval Experts (TREX) is a privately funded agency independent of law enforcement, military, or any governmental restrictions. Our focus is on tracking and retrieving anything or anyone. Simply put: we find things. Employing highly trained agents with unlimited resources and extensive experience in covert operations, we will find anything and with guaranteed confidentiality. No matter the circumstances. No matter the danger. Call on TREX—we find what’s been lost.

First Response
Rescue Me

TREX Rookies & Rogues

Meet the next generation of TREX. The rookies bring fresh perspective to the covert agency--like how there's more to life than just the job--while the rogues do what they want, when they want, and deal with the consequences later. Team them together and it's as explosive as TNT and dynomite!

Brace Series

Brace yourself for fast paced, intense action in this spinoff series from the original TREX series. They aren’t trained agents. They are ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things as a matter of life and death and learn very quickly…

Sometimes life depends not on who you trust but how convincing you lie.


Brace for Impact

Murph & Grace

Detectives Hannah Grace and Sean "Murph" Murphy are partners working for the Montana State Bureau of Investigation. Together they solve crimes in the big sky.  

Academy of Elements

I draw kickass superheroes. I never thought I was one.

Welcome to Clearwater Academy—a magical school on an isolated island in Washington State, where those with the power to control the elements learn to hone their skills.

Get ready for a quad squad of over-the-top guys willing to protect the prophecy at any cost, a trio of unbelievably mean girls who go out of their way to make the heroine’s life hell, a duo of bumbling yet frightening dark elementals on the hunt, and a single snarky heroine who’s destiny it is to save a world she knows nothing about.

Guardians of the Fortress

When a demi-fae relic hunter unintentionally unleashes dark forces hellbent on destroying the heart of fae magic held within the archives of the fae realm, she must team up with four hardheaded, arrogant guardians to stop the annihilation before it’s too late.

The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers

A trilogy of lighthearted romcoms featuring three best friends, three over-the-top brothers, and a whole lot of crazy fun that will make you laugh out loud!