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Hi Allie, welcome to MsRomanticReads! As a lover of romantic suspense (and I'll admit the mention in your bio about "highly erotic and deeply intense" totally hooked me), I'm very excited to get some insight into TREX. If you had ten seconds to convince a reader to give TREX a try, what would you say? And is TREX an acronym?

Thanks for having me! Here's my ten second pitch: TREX employs highly-trained agents with extensive experience in coverts ops and unlimited resources. They find whatever's been lost and with guaranteed confidentiality. No matter the dangers. No matter the cost. These hard-bodied agents don't mess around.

And yes, TREX is an acronym. It stands for Tactical Retrieval EXperts.

This question is something I'm really interested in knowing: Is there a female operative in any of your books? One who can kick butt and take names?

Yes! In every single one of them! Kick a** female agents are part of my brand. Whether it's physical or mental, my female agents save the day (and the hero!). JT Turner, the agent who goes toe-to-toe with Dan Weber in AT ANY COST, can outshoot, outthink, and outfight just about any other TREX agent. She's the toughest one I've written so far. Then again, Bailey McKoy hasn';t gotten her story, yet. She's definitely going to give JT a run for the title.

Now that's what I love to hear! I see there are already six books and one novella out. How many books will there be in this series?

[Correction: Six books and a boxed set--There are two novellas as part of the first six books].

I plan to continue with the series until the fans stop loving it. Hopefully, that's never! All of the McKoys need their own story. There are seven of them and only Charis McKoy has had hers, so there will be at least six more. I also am planning a Merry TREXmas novella out for Christmas 2015. Add in the secondary characters introduced throughout the series and you can see how I can continue it until my fingers fall off!

I've noticed with most romantic suspense series they seem to follow a theme through all books. One series might focus on human trafficking, another focuses on a super seekrit team doing the jobs the government won't acknowledge, etc. Is the TREX series like that or does each book have a different theme/mission?

TREX is a privately-funded covert agency called in when something or someone needs to be found. They aren't sanctioned by the government. I try to make each book's theme something different, while the overall theme is the same–find whatever's been lost. I always use some of the same secondary characters introduced in previous books while also bringing in fresh new faces, who will then make return appearances in future books. That's what I love the most about writing a series–keeping the same people around so we never have to say goodbye.

Do you have any favorite romantic suspense authors? Perhaps someone whose work you would compare yours to?

Tess Gerritsen is by far my favorite author (I want to be her if I ever grow up). She started in romantic suspense before moving to thrillers. My stories have been compared to Lora Leigh for the intensity of both the romance and suspense, and Cherry Adair for the quirkiness of my characters.

If you had to choose just one scene from any of the six books so far, which one would be your favorite and why?

I have a favorite sexy scene and a favorite funny scene. For the sexy scene I always go back to the "couch scene" in RESCUE ME when Spence asks Kat to do a striptease for him. She does and he nearly comes undone. The intensity of the love scene that follows still gives me goose bumps.

The funny scene is in UNDER THE COVERS when Wayde asks Mia to do a striptease for him (I'm sensing a theme, here). She mentions there's no music. "I could hum if you'd like." She proceeds to undress, drops the corset on her bare toe, trips on it, and ends up flat on her a**. Wayde claps at the performance. It's their first night together and the tension is so tight it could snap at any second. The scene breaks the ice and helps them relax, despite the intensity of the circumstances that brought them together.

What are you currently working on?

I have my first thriller coming out before the end of the year. The Murph & Grace Novels are Castle meets NCIS with a dash of Rizzoli & Isles thrown in. The overall theme is the story of Hannah Grace, an ex-Amish woman who left her simple life in search of her father's killer. She became a homicide detective, solving murders and bringing closure to families–something she's never gotten with her own case. The first book in the series is I WILL FIND YOU. Someone is killing women who look like Hannah and dressing them as Amish brides, forcing her to confront the other reason she left and hunt down the monster responsible before she becomes his next victim.

When you aren't in your writing cave typing up these hot stories, what do you do to unwind? And you can't say "read a book".

I ride. Hard. Now before you snicker at how dirty that sounds, it's riding ATVs. I have my four-wheeler (we call them quads in these parts) and my toy (a Wildcat Trail). When I'm not in the mood to get muddy, dusty, or a combo of both, I like to play darts with the hubs. I also enjoy porch wine with my sister. We find the stupidest things funny and then get the giggles because of it. Ask her about the mole incident. Some things can't be unseen.

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